Brands on Twitter: Value Despite Debate

by Jonathan Kash on January 6, 2009

The Home Depot, Inc.
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Naturally, we at the Touchbase Blog, a blog ABOUT the business use of microsharing/microblogging, believe in its business applications. Thus, we wanted to profile one of the best “brands on Twitter” posts we’ve read in a while.

Taking note of the “should brands be on twitter? debate, Kate Kaye of highlights positive brand case studies and examples in Despite Debate, Brands Find Value on Twitter. The following excerpts – in 140 characters or less – hit the high points of her post (which you should go read right now).

Who is here?

Business are “engaging in experiments with customer service, branding, and corporate culture-building in the decidedly public forum.”

“In 2008, several brands established a Twitter presence, including H&R Block, Southwest Airlines, Jet Blue, Dell, and [The] Home Depot.”

How is Twitter being used?

@ComcastCares “uses social spaces like blogs and online forums to seek out people with customer service issues.”

“There’s something so gratifying about being able to connect in real-time and in a real way,” said a Dunkin’ Donuts spokesperson.

“Brand-building and customer service are only tertiary Twitter purposes for online shoe and clothing retailer Zappos.”

“Personality and Dedication Are Key”

“Brands on Twitter that seem to be most successful tend to recognize there needs to be a casual back-and-forth with other users.”

“If our tweets went through a multi-layered approval process, the authenticity would be lost,” said the Dunkin’ Donuts spokesperson.

‘”To become part of your consumer’s social graph you need to dedicate resources to keeping it up,”

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LJ Jones January 6, 2009 at 12:10 pm

What theses brands have in common, is that they have all found a way to use Twitter that works for them, their brand and most importantly their customers. They are on Twitter with a purpose and objective and have found a way to connect with their audience in a meaningful and useful way.

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