Twitter? Microsharing? Wha??

What is Twitter?

Twitter (twttr) started out as a kind of collaboration tool for the original business team that built it. It has grown into a utility that is used by over 40 million people worldwide.

Other tools have also sprung up, for sharing small messages similar to Twitter, that can be used within organizations and also for specific niche purposes. We refer to the category of these tools “microsharing.” It is also referred to as microblogging, social messaging, and others.

The Pistachio Team’s perspective on Twitter

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Pistachio Consulting helps companies, brands, agencies and high profile individuals make smart business use of microsharing tools like Twitter. We provide briefings, consulting, strategy, training and full microsharing programs that create value, engage customers, learn more about their customers and better engage with their market. We also offer professional services and research to support microsharing inside the enterprise.