HBS, J&J and Recent News

A quick rundown of recent announcements and news here at Pistachio Consulting…

Clients and Projects

  • Welcome, new Pistachio client Johnson & Johnson
  • Todd Defren and I are excited to officially announce that SHIFT Communications is hosting Pistachio Consulting as “specialist in residence.” In return for sharing space (and inspiration) in their beautiful offices in the New Balance building in Brighton, I’m working with their executives and teams on what Twitter can do for SHIFT’s clients. Since a majority of SHIFT-ers already Twitter, it’s awesome to dive right into sophisticated and strategic ideas that can rock out what they do for their clients.
Harvard Business School

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  • Twitter for business comes to Harvard Business School. Prof. Andrew McAfee’s students will work with Twitter and enterprise microsharing tools throughout the semester, then provide a rigorous grilling about the business applications and cases we’re seeing when I guest lecture in April.
  • I also spoke recently for MITX and Jeff Pulver’s Social Media Jungle


Press and Publications

  • Mainstream media attention to the business use of Twitter is at an all-time high. Just my own personal recent clips alone include CIO Magazine, MassHighTech, Entrepreneur Magazine, US News & World Report, NECN, NPR, and CNET.com. Look for Forbes, WSJ and the GQ (UK) soon, too.
  • TouchBase Blog and LinkBlog — Articles, ideas, case studies and links to what businesses need to know about Twitter and microsharing. Don’t have time to scour the social web for that latest information or sort through piles of Twitter news to discern what businesses need to know? We’re your one-stop-shop. Follow @touchbase to find out when we post or add valuable bookmarks to our TouchBase Link Blog (Delicious account). Tamar Weinberg holds house and home together on all of the above as our Editor in Chief alongside more than 25 AWESOME contributors and guest bloggers.

We have some great stuff coming up – things that will add business value really cost-effectively, including webinars, hands-on trainings and seminars (starting in NYC) and a new series of white papers and eBooks on the business use of Twitter, enterprise microsharing and more. Also, look for us to (finally) post a team page soon to let you meet the people working hard behind the scenes over here. Speaking of “behind the scenes,” I hope to have even bigger news soon…

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