Valley View Ventures Signs Pistachio Consulting

Given BusinessWeek’s CEO Guide to Twitter, CNN’s heavy use of Twitter on the air, and the rush of new brands onto Twitter, there’s an upwelling of questions about how to make smart business use of “microblogging” (or microsharing) tools.

  • Has your company begun to investigate Twitter and other microblogging tools?
  • Are you looking for guidance on why or why not to engage on these novel platforms?
  • Can you articulate what microblogging can do and how it should be deployed?
  • Are you clear on which tools could be useful and productive for your business and how to use them?
  • Do you have adequate support explaining, applying and evangelizing the potential of these tools within your organization?

Valley View Ventures is now representing Laura “@Pistachio” Fitton’s firm Pistachio Consulting ( You might have seen Laura quoted in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine article Brave New World of Digital Intimacy, the BusinessWeek’s CEO Guide to Twitter, or CIO Magazine’s Four Ways Companies Use Twitter.

Pistachio works on both internal (“Enterprise 2.0″) deployments of microsharing tools and their effective external use for branding and market engagement. They provide briefings, research, seminars, advising and full-service consulting on smart business use of these tools. The TouchBase blog at is also a one-stop source for information on the tools, case studies and best uses of microsharing in business. Read more…


Laura was part of the inspiration behind Dell’s innovative use of Twitter. She’s advised and collaborated with a who’s who of the top minds in business and technology, including Guy Kawasaki, Shel Israel and dozens of others. She’s a sought-after speaker who will address Defrag, BlogWorldExpo, Webcom, BlogHer, and the New Marketing Summit in the next two months. Laura personally microblogs for more than 5700 readers – and growing – as @Pistachio on, and anchors the TouchBase blog, which covers all aspects of business use of microsharing. Read more…

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Please contact us at 978-369-5622 or to schedule a briefing for your team. Or follow Pistachio at or to see how your business can thrive in this emergent sector.

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