Please follow any of the below links to see more candid shots of Laura Fitton. Stowe Boyd, Laura Fitton, Sam Lawrence (Jive Software) at Enterprise 2.0. CC 2008 by Brian Solis Jeff Glasson (Perkett PR), Laura Fitton, Scott Monty (Ford). CC 2008 by Steve Garfield Robert Scoble (Fast Company), Laura Fitton. CC 2008 by CC Chapman Laura Fitton, Gary Vaynerchuk (WineLibrary TV). CC 2008 by Brian Solis Shel Israel, Robert Scoble, Laura Fitton, Francine Hardaway, Lucretia Pruitt. CC 2008 Brian Solis TUMBNAIL at Lijit offices for StartupWeekend Boulder II. CC 2008 by Tara Anderson at Boston Media Makers. CC 2008 by Steve Garfield

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