by Laura Fitton on January 19, 2009

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Today is a national Day of Service to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Whether or not you can serve in your community all day, don’t let today pass in apathy.

These are times to step up. To activate. To believe in the motivating power of a good idea spoken out loud or a bold action begun. To believe that’s how communities constellate together to make quick work of the task at hand.

Even when we’re not apathetic, it’s easy to be shy of speaking up… of stepping out… of asking.

Don’t be.

I promise, you do NOT know what you’re capable of until you do it. You do NOT know who is listening until you speak out.

We’re put here to serve. No one else has your gifts. No one else can make your contributions. To serve is to achieve a state of grace no other action brings.

Serve in big ways and small. Smile at a stranger. Lift a hand to help when you otherwise might not have. Tell 100 people about a worthy idea. Spend time helping a family close to you. Inspire others by sharing your service on Twitter and writing “#MLKDAY” to tag the tweet. Just, serve.

What’s my wish? That you tell (tweet, blog, email, show) your friends how EASILY they can be part of @Wellwishes. I asked “what can $2 do?” Hundreds got involved and the answer was: a lot! We’re building wells for 3 villages. But just $3500 more by my birthday – Wednesday January 21 – will serve 5 entire villages.

YOU make the difference that gets us there. What else can you do (in just seconds) today that will help so many and save children’s lives?

Enter your Twitter login (read why this is safe) to register for TipJoy and donate to WellWishes: Or set up an account at and donate to @wellwishes that way. It’s a tiny amount. I hope you will. (Fund your @tipjoy account with $5 min. Tip anyone on the web, including The Salvation Army or Americares with the other $3.) Can we make it by 1/21? Watch our progress:

Read the @wellwishes story here. 100% of donations (@tipjoy waived its fees) support efforts to build wells via local groups around the world.

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Joe Trippi January 19, 2009 at 11:42 am

Keep it up — I gave $10 and am spreading the word on Twitter. Thanks for all that you are doing!

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