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This post officially launches our first research report on the 19* applications vying to bring Twitteresque networking and communications inside the enterprise.

Download the .pdf here or use Scribd to view, embed, share or download. You are welcome to share it freely within your organization and networks.

Enterprise Micro Sharing Tools Comparison 11032008

Read All About Them (coverage of each application, from all around the web)

This post is an (evolving) index to blog and media coverage of the applications profiled in the report. It’s striking how much more coverage some applications have received, and while we’re not sure that’s a reliable mark of their suitability for the role, it’s certainly a marketing advantage.

What We Did
We compiled 19 criteria and basic information from 19 applications. Our work combines survey results, independent web research, verification of new features and analysis of how the 19 applications relate to one another and the marketplace.

We did not yet fully demo each application and we’re not choosing favorites in this preliminary comparison. We do mention observed advantages and reservations, and suggest six categories to distinguish between the applications.
Picture 10.png
We’ll cover much more on the rationale for enterprise microsharing, use cases, case studies, trends and future speculation in future research, on the TouchBase Blog, in speaking engagements and in client work. For the time being, I’ve compiled an Enterprise Reading List which ran as a post last night and has a permanent home under the Microsharing menu, above.

Have Your Say
Please ask questions, discuss the report and suggest future criteria and research topics in the comments here.

Nevermind what we think, what have the pundits said?

Pure-Play Microsharing

So much has been written about Twitter, Let Google be your guide.
Webware review, CNET by Rafe Needleman Takes On TC50 Winner Yammer, TechCrunch by Don Reisinger packs a solid punch against Yammer, ZDNet By Jennifer Leggio
Is Yammer Bad for Business? Robert Richardson

Enterprise Microblogging Ein Neuer Hype? by Dirk Roehrborn
Communote Presentations on Slideshare
Microblogging for the Enterprise, SocialMediaCamp, London

Trillr Usage Inside Coremedia

Iron Feed (nothing available)

Enterprise Microsharing

ESME Enterprise Social Messaging Within an Enterprise SOA Framework, ZDNet by Oliver Marks
ESME: Is This What an Enterprise Twitter Could Look Like?, ReadWriteWeb by Marshall Kirkpatrick
ESME Enterprise Microblogging and Real World Business Problems, by Dennis Howlett
Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment by Anne K Petterøe


Big Blue Embraces Social Media, BusinessWeek by Stephen Baker
Social Networking: The Twitterverse Debates
Porting Twitter Script for Ubiquity to BlueTwit
Twitter Behind the Firewall (Photos on Flickr)


OraTweet: Tweeting in the Enterprise
OraTweet Bot, an XMPP/Jabber Listener for Twitter
Social Observations, OraTweet Edition
On OraTweet and Open Social
OraTweet, Oracle’s Enterprise Microsharing Application, TouchBase Blog by Laura Fitton

Open Source Microsharing

Taking on Twitter With Open Source Software Daniel Terdiman, CNET
Twhirl Gets Pushy with Identica, CNET Webware by Rafe Needleman
Cooking With Linux: Warp Speed Blogging Marcel Gagne, LinuxJournal
Open Source Microblogging May Become Twitter Fallback, Ars Technica
Identica Federated Twitter, ReadWriteWeb
Identica is More About What Comes Next, by Chris Brogan
The Problem with Identica is…, TechCrunch

Jisko the Open Source Microblogging Application
Jisko: Competition for Identica?
Jisko: Twitter Clone

Major Update to Yonkly: Widgets, Ads & More
Yonkly Groups and new Look
Backup Your Twitter Messages @ Yonkly

OpenMicroBlogger Monetizes with Opening of App Store

Psuedo Microsharing


Twitter – Public Timeline = Prologue, Mashable by Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins
Prologue Theme for WordPress: is it a Twitter Killer?
Part Twitter, Part Basecamp, All Business, VentureBeat

Status (Status Blog is The What)

Integrated Microsharing

Socialtext Signals
Socialtext 3.0: Will Wikis Finally Find Their Place in Business?, BusinessWeek By Rob Hof
SocialText 3.0 blends Facebook, Twitter, and the Enterprise, TechCrunch by By Steve Gillmor
Exclusive video: SocialText brings enterprise Facebook and Twitter to wikis by Robert Scoble
Socialtext co-founder: Enterprise Twitter isn’t enough By Rafe Needleman
Socialtext Signals Marks Wiki Provider’s Entry into Enterprise Microblogging By Clint Boulton
Socialtext enters Twitter for the enterprise sweepstakes By Larry Dignan

Socialcast is FriendFeed for your business, CNET Webware by Rafe Needleman
USA Today (Quotes client Hot Topic)
Intranet Journal: Socialcast Harnesses Power of Online Conversations
NASA Case Study Presentation from KM World
A Social Function, Business Trends Quarterly Magazine by Analyst Jon Arnold

Best Buy’s Enterprise Twitter, ReadWriteWeb by Laura Fitton

Self-Serve Microsharing

Yammer Launches at TC50: Twitter for Companies, TechCrunch by Erick Schonfeld
Yammer, a Twitter for the Enterprise, CNET by Rafe Needleman
Hmmmm Yammer, by Daniel Siddle
Mahalo on Yammer
Yammer TechCrunch50 Profile
TechCrunch50: 10 to Watch

QikCom Adds Its Own Twist To Enterprise Twitter
Five Questions With: QikCom
Mahalo on QikCom
Competition Heats Up in the Enterprise Twitter Market

*And then there were 20. Not getting off easy, nope. In a perfect illustration of how dynamic this segment is right now, we noticed Iridesco’s Coop just as our research went to press, but were unable to get in touch with their team over the weekend to administer the survey. More to come on that soon.

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