Twhirl Makes Yammer Irrelevant

by Laura Fitton on September 15, 2008

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Reading this news that Loic LeMeur sent me this morning, I see that Twhirl, the social software front end client, now supports any install. If you’re not yet up on , it’s an open source, run it on your own servers version of Twitter. See the flagship install of it at

Twhirl integrates private instances

Twhirl integrates private instances

So, to sum that all up: Twitter inside the firewall, private for your business is Twitter outside the firewall with your business colleagues and friends is Twhirl+Twitter. Easy cheesy. One app.

Recently announced at TechCrunch50, Yammer is angling to be the Twitter for the enterprise client. Believe me, lots of companies have asked for this very thing. And while I don’t want to take away from the technical qualities of why Yammer is cool, and why it might well do the trick just fine for businesses, I’m thinking that what Loic LeMeur and the Twhirl team just did kind of trumps Yammer. Why?

Single client.

Logged into my Twhirl account, I can have a tab for Twitter, a tab for FriendFeed, and a tab for my install of choice. That means I can have a behind-the-firewall and a lets-share-with-everyone install all in one client.

This is pretty darned clever, Loic.

I’m digging into it further now, but I think I’ve just found a great recommendation for a dual-use Twitter-like environment thanks to this bridging strategy by Twhirl.

What do you think? Am I wrong?

Editor’s note: our enterprise contacts, and much of the discourse around Yammer agree that most companies will want “inside the firewall” control of microblogging applications, which may not bode well for Yammer and other “software as a service” applications that keep the messages and data “in the cloud.” That said, plenty of important applications that these companies use are running on offsite servers. Our guess is that different companies will adopt different models.

Certainly Yammer’s “help yourself” enterprise 2.0-via-porosity model is an interesting one that could compel companies to move more quickly on adopting microsharing within the enterprise.

Meanwhile, we are putting together a research briefing on the current spate of enterprise microsharing applications. To provide information on your company’s solution or for a copy of that research as it is ready, please contact us: info (at) pistachioconsulting (dot) com.

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