Musicians’ Guide to Rocking Twitter

Publicist extraordinaire Ariel Hyatt (CyberPR) and I sat down last fall to talk Twitter for Musicians. I distilled  what I said in that interview into this quick-start guide for musicians wanting to make a splash using Twitter. Also see Ariel’s excellentMusician’s Twitter Road Map, here. UPDATE: I mis-linked to the database of musicians on Twitter… Continue reading Musicians’ Guide to Rocking Twitter

Executive Twittering: Blogging Without the Time Suck

UPDATE: Best Buy CMO Barry Judge explains Twitter to Chairman Richard Schulze… BusinessWeek profiled 10 CEOs who Twitter. CIO considers it one of the four best things companies can do on Twitter. Executives can generate substantial business value by posting their thoughts, resources, news and their ideas to microsharing tools like Twitter. ROI vs. Blogging… Continue reading Executive Twittering: Blogging Without the Time Suck


What is Microsharing? Let’s start with the best-known microsharing application, Twitter. Twitter is a collection of remarks. It’s what a group of people–a very dynamic group of people who are connected and becoming more closely connected everyday–find remarkable. The connections between people, the ambient intimacy. Microsharing reduces the emotional and intellectual distance between people and… Continue reading Microsharing

Enterprise Microsharing Apps: Read All About Em

WE HAVE LIFTOFF This post officially launches our first research report on the 19* applications vying to bring Twitteresque networking and communications inside the enterprise. Download the .pdf here or use Scribd to view, embed, share or download. You are welcome to share it freely within your organization and networks. Enterprise Micro Sharing Tools Comparison… Continue reading Enterprise Microsharing Apps: Read All About Em

Well Wishes $2 You

1. What can $2 do? 2. How can I thank and honor clients and friends of Pistachio Consulting this year? 3. What do I want most of all for Christmas? Well Wishes. I want to make a big difference. To save kids lives. It’s a tough year though. I don’t want to ask much of… Continue reading Well Wishes $2 You