CIO Magazine Four Ways Companies Use Microblogging

Chris Lynch was kind enough to interview me for this CIO Magazine article yesterday. I like the framework and examples he put together:

    1. (Careful) Product Pushing. Examples: @JetBlue announcing their eBay auctions; @KodakCB tweeting about their product in action.
    2. Community Outreach. He nods to @WholeFoods and@PopeyesChicken and urges “think about the communities you serve, online and offline”
  1. How-to and Service Questions.No surprise to see @Comcastcares, but cool example from@Pandora_Radio too. (An embedded PR lesson: provide good service to influencers like Chris, which Twitter disproportionately includes, and get good coverage)
  2. Humanizing the Head Honcho.@Zappos is rightly praised for his leadership here. That Jonathan Schwatrz’s Twitter stream is really just a TwitterFeed from his blog boggles the mind a bit.

More on that last point, it makes MUCH more business sense to get your non-blogging executives to microblog(/share) than to try to make them over into bloggers. It just integrates better with their lives, workflow and responsibilities, and offers many of the same benefits. Padmasree Warrior ofCisco is one of my favorite examples of this right now. (Look for a post about getting your executives to productively Twitter shortly.)

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