Internal Collaboration and Communication

Enterprise 2.0

Professional services for microsharing within the enterprise.

We conduct research, test pilots, consulting and implementations that use microsharing as a social network and collaborative tool to connect employees.

Internal Collaboration and Communication

There’s a lot of talk about “Twitter in the Enterprise” and many tool developers are building applications to deploy behind the firewall, but little is known about user uptake and promotion adoption. Our multidisciplinary practice guides client and tool vendor through the implementation process to make the application function effectively and engage new users organically.

Our “Internal” Services In Detail

Needs Assessment

  • Collaboration and communication challenges
  • Current platforms and their strengths and weaknesses
  • Past collaboration and communication efforts
  • Costs of disconnected workplace and poor connections

Tool and Vendor Selection

  • Audit existing and related tools
  • Define the feature set
  • Assess hosting and compatibility needs
  • RFI/RFP/RFQ Process
  • Recommend a subset of possible tools and work with client to select for implementation


  • Speaking, briefings, demos and seminars
  • Coaching, training, advising
  • Blogging, eBooks and White papers
  • And what else? microsharing

Program design

  • Plan for wider rollout
  • Explore integrating with other applications for input/output
  • Identify information feed topics and interesting individual users to provide “seed” content

Ongoing innovation

  • Extend integration of microsharing system to interact with a variety of job-critical applications in use by the enterprise
  • Incorporate additional tools, functions and resources
  • Lead standards promulgation to enable more and more business capabilities of microsharing

Community administration

  • Field questions, guide new users, provide support
  • Assist with uptake and adoption support
  • Messaging work for any community
  • Monitor and facilitate the growth of conversations and the adoption of new tools


  • Training, seeding
  • Developing and sourcing content streams that blend the application into the user’s routine responsibilities and interests

Pilot Testing

  • Select most compelling use cases for the enterprise’s needs
  • Design basic study parameters
  • Liaison between IT and technological provider
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Deliver results and recommendations
  • Promote results to broader target communities inside and outside of client

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