What is Microsharing?

Let’s start with the best-known microsharing application, Twitter. Twitter is a collection of remarks. It’s what a group of people–a very dynamic group of people who are connected and becoming more closely connected everyday–find remarkable. The connections between people, the ambient intimacy.

Microsharing reduces the emotional and intellectual distance between people and helps them become more engaged, connected, effective and collaborative.

Microsharing is hard to understand at first, and frequently seems trivial and foolish, but it generates tremendous value and opportunity for participants who really get it and who push to discover its hidden potential.

Deployed as an internal social network microsharing fosters collaboration, communication, professional development, finding answers and resources and other well-demonstrated effects that can optimize business performance.

Employed to engage fellow humans, for personal, social, charitable or business reasons, it is a compelling and powerful way to connect.

As increasingly larger communities engage, rich streams of information generated become resources in their own right. Data can be queried, followed, stored, researched and referenced to provide critical insight, knowledge and tracking of market opinion. The resulting datasets enable early discovery of latent problems, innovation capture, real time tracking of product awareness, breaking news, ad campaign effectiveness and dozens of other business applications not yet widely understood.

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“Social media is the most effective way to stay connected in today’s world. Twitter is a good way to connect quickly with many people. 140 characters will be the poetic format of the new millennium.” – Penelope Trunk, Author, Blogger and Founder, The Brazen Careerist.

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