Twitter for Business

Should your company Twitter?

This collection of articles is a starting point for understanding how microsharing tools such as Twitter can be used to impact the bottom line.

Pistachio Consulting helps companies, brands, agencies and high profile individuals make smart business use of microsharing tools like Twitter. We provide briefings, consulting, strategy, training and full microsharing programs that create value, engage customers, learn more about their customers and better engage with their market. We also offer professional services and research to support microsharing inside the enterprise. Contact us for more information.

Mainstream media attention to Twitter for Business
Brave New World of Digital Intimacy, New York Times Magazine
CEO Guide to Microblogging, BusinessWeek (6-part Special Report)
Four Ways Companies Use Microblogging, CIO Magazine
Five Marketing Tips for Tackling Twitter, Steve Mulder
How Twitter Can Help at Work – Shifting Careers – Small Business – New York Times Blog
Anita Campbell at on Why Business Bloggers are Twittering
Why Twitter Matters by Stephen Baker, Businessweek May 15, 2008
See how USAToday wrote about (and uses) Twitter
New York Times and ABC News both covered Comcast‘s Twitter use
Twitter for Business Blog Posts
Chris Brogan’s 50 Ideas post is the kind of thing your company’s Twitterers should post on the wall as they get the hang of it: full of practical ideas, examples and humorous guidance on the hows and whys of doing it right. Stick around for the comments too, which are always worth a look at his site.
Valeria Maltoni writes about three business reasons to Twitter: 1) potential channel presence, 2) try new ideas for feedback and 3) establishing a business voice and personality.
Tara Hunt Tweeting for Companies 101
Dawn Foster guide for brands and corporate identities
UI on this Business Matters supplement is a tricky if your browser lags, but the content is solid
@RogerBauer kept this slide deck very simple and directly addressed myths and obstacles.
There are also lots of great, practical tips online. Here are a few to start:
Chris Brogan explains a practical, simple business use case: Listening for opportunities
Jeremiah Owyang outlines a trajectory for the “Evolution of brands on Twitter”
John Jantsch put together a free beginners’ guide to using Twitter for business
Ann Handley talks about “7 ways marketers can use Twitter”
Joel Postman “rules” for corporate presence on Twitter post highlights the importance of 1) legitimacy 2) real names 3) ability to respond meaningfully 4) protect consumers 5) list accounts on your website 6) be human 7) let regular employees participate
Ellen Petry Leanse‘s 8 Twitter tips for business series of posts is a solid guide 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8
Valeria Maltoni asks “Is it time for corporations to get a Twitter presence
Shara Karasic at offers her Guide to Twitter for business
Rich Brooks on How to Use Twitter for Business
@JordanLevy‘s Twitter for Business flowgram
@LeeOdden has some really interesting posts and did a “how do you use Twitter” poll

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