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Twitter for Business Do you understand the business use of Twitter? …the results you can achieve with it? …the pitfalls of ignoring it? …the money you could save?

Enterprise 2.0 “Twitter” What about better, low-cost, flexible collaboration tools so your employees don’t waste time fighting silos of information and solving the same problems over and over? “Internal Twitter” can help you do more with less.

Let us show you what’s now possible! Follow our TouchBase blog and TouchBase “link-blog” and stay informed. We’re proven innovators in this emerging space. Call us: turn microsharing into macro results. branding and market engagement or internal employee networks.

Pistachio Consulting’s exclusive focus on microsharing means you get the best expertise available, whether your need is for branding and market engagement or internal employee networks. We deliver briefings, strategy, research and best practices to maximize business effectiveness, along with soup-to-nuts program development and training. Drop us a line and let us help you turn microsharing into macro results.

Laura Fitton

Laura “@Pistachio” Fitton is leading the charge of sussing out intelligent and productive business uses of emergent technologies like Twitter, where she is read by thousands of community members. The first to publish a white paper on “Enterprise Microsharing” (popularly called “Internal Twitter”) she also writes for an runs the TouchBase blog and is an early beta tester of Seesmic and Qik. She re-launched Pistachio Consulting in September 2008 to connect businesses to new ideas and innovations using all the tools of microsharing. Pistachio comprises the TouchBase blog (covering business use of microsharing), the TouchBase Link Blog (stream of Twitter and microsharing articles for businesspeople, wherever they are published), serves clients like Johnson & Johnson, Ford Motor Corporation, PeopleBrowsr, The Sister Project, Transplant-1 and CommuNteligence, and is writing Twitter for Dummies for Wiley publishing, due July 2009.

Laura’s innovative use of social media has gotten the attention of the top minds in technology, as profiled by Naked Conversations author Shel Israel for his Global Survey. Her work is featured in five books published in 2008 including Seth Godin’s Tribes, Liz Lynch’s Smart Networking, Paul Gillin’s Secrets of Social Media Marketing, and Julio Ojeda’s Twitter Means Business. Laura has also been widely quoted in the press including The New York Times Magazine, BusinessWeek, The New York Times, The LA Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, NPR, NECN, Newsweek.com, Inc.com, CIO Magazine, CNET, ZDNet, ComputerWorld and many other magazines, publications, web shows and blogs. She speaks on business use of microsharing for private clients and at technology conferences. Guest lectures on social media and Twitter for Business include Harvard Business School, Bentley College, Clemson and Emerson.

Laura is a magna cum laude graduate of Cornell University’s eclectic College Scholar program. In “past lives” she studied science writing with Carl Sagan, rock climbed, sailed on a schooner, raised a niece, ran a hobby farm, traveled and lived abroad.

Today she lives in Boston with two toddler daughters and a giant Leonberger. She practices Ashtanga yoga and plays ice hockey in her “spare” time, and is a stroke survivor dedicated to raising awareness.

What THEY Said:

Seth Godin

“Laura Fitton, a young mom in Boston, has thousands of people following her on Twitter… Laura has built trust, which has led to a successful career as a consultant and a worldwide speaking practice.  She’s met fascinating people and changed the way her tribe sees the world. She now has true fans, people who seek her out and talk about her. Laura couldn’t have done this with one speech or one blog post. But by consistently touching a tribe of people with generosity and insight, she’s earned the right to lead.” -Seth Godin in Tribes

Guy Kawasaki

“Laura convinced me to try Twitter, and Twitter has caused much of the success of Alltop. Without Laura, I’d just be another broken-down entrepreneur in the Web 2.0 dumpster.” - Guy Kawasaki, Author, VC, Entrepreneur, Funny Guy.

Richard Binhammer, aka @RichardatDell

David Armano convinced me to use Twitter….several days later, Laura, in a presentation, helped me understand its power in terms of connecting directly with people and customers to build relationships and further what Dell is all about- direct customer connections and relationships.” – Richard Binhammer, @RichardAtDell, ConversationsCommunities and Communications, Dell, Inc.

Doc Searls

“Laura’s more at home in her online social networks than most of us are in our own skins.”Doc Searls, Author, The Cluetrain Manifesto

Penelope Trunk

“I had no idea why I should be using Twitter. But Laura convinced me to try it, and walked me through my first, absurdly painful steps. Now I am convinced that 140-character twitters will be the poetic format of the new millennium.”Penelope Trunk, Author, Blogger and Founder, The Brazen Careerist.

Why “Pistachio”?

Pistachio was the color of the walls in Laura’s first office — that precise, indescribably ugly shade of Grandma’s favorite ice cream on summer nights at Friendly’s by the rotary in Gloucester.

Now it’s an iconic brand with a personal touch (and a sense of humor!)