Moving the Ball Forward

That’s all a quarterback is paid for.  Figuratively, each of us is also paid to move the ball forward, so we may as well learn how to think like a quarterback.

Every time we don’t engage because “it’s not our job” we’re dropping the ball.  Every time we start a promising project but don’t follow through we’re throwing an incomplete.  Every time we decide to play it too safe we’re just throwing the ball sideways without gaining an inch.

Every day we’re confronted with hundreds of situations where we can add value: make somebody else’s life easier, make a process a little better, teach somebody something new, finish a project that will greatly benefit our organization and our customers.

The ball is in our hands and all the eyes are on us: are we going to gain a few yards, or are we going to drop the ball?  Are we going to get a first down, or are we going to throw an incomplete?  Are we going to go deep for the touchdown or are we going to throw yet another sideways pass?  Our call…

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