We help companies harness the business power

of microsharing quickly and effectively.

We help you:

  • Understand the territory and shortcut your learning curve
  • Innovate productive, valuable, profitable uses of microsharing
  • Save time and money
  • Avoid damaging mistakes
  • Be engaging, genuine and use the medium to its fullest
  • (and… have fun doing it!)

How We Do It

We provide a full range of professional services:
briefings, speaking, seminars, research, analysis, strategy, program development, implementation, training, coaching, advising, assessments, enhancement of existing efforts, implementation, innovation and promotion.

Internal vs. External?

There are two main ways to use microsharing for business: externally for market engagement and internally for collaboration and communication(“Enterprise 2.0″) Some companies can even do both at once. Microsharing is a powerful way to connect people to one another inside of companies and throughout the marketplace.


Benefits you receive:

boost internal and external talent and collaboration, employee engagement and retention and to break down silos that put a drag on business efficiency

Companies and Brands:
engage more deeply with their markets in the strategic new ways that microsharing makes possible

build your network, access better professional relationships, faster knowledge-sharing and leveraged problem-solving. Microsharing is particularly valuable for Executives, sales and marketing professionals, consultants, freelancers and of course celebrities (musicians, actors, media personalities, etc.)

Media brands:
we can show you how to develop dynamic and engaging “behind the scenes” personalities, content, sneak-previews and other genuinely engaging “teaser” content during the normal process of producing your product.


Market Engagement


More and more brands are flocking to Twitter, most with an overriding sense of uncertainty. What is the set of tools (video, text, photo, audio, search, clients, etc.) that comprise microsharing? What does it do? What can we use it for? How do we reach our audience here? How is this different? How can we measure success? How do we govern it?

Smart businesses want to understand and learn how to approach the opportunity. We educate and develop standards of excellence, authenticity and engagement.


Enterprise 2.0


Professional services for microsharing within the enterprise.

We conduct research, test pilots, consulting and implementations that use microsharing as a social network and collaborative tool to connect employees.

Internal Collaboration and Communication

There’s a lot of talk about “Twitter in the Enterprise” and many tool developers are building applications to deploy behind the firewall, but little is known about user uptake and promotion adoption. Our multidisciplinary practice guides client and tool vendor through the implementation process to make the application function effectively and engage new users organically.


Speaking and More


Pistachio delivers briefings, keynotes, panels, webinars, eBooks, tools and other resources. Our TouchBase blog provides the best available research, case studies, tool reviews and trends analysis on the business use of microsharing.

Our experts are available for interviews, keynotes, panel appearances and private tutorials, per the needs of your business.