List of Internal Microsharing Tools

Image via CrunchBase

My list (based on Jeremiah’s) of publicly known “Twitter-like” microsharing tools for internal deployment within companies. I’m keeping it spare to make it easier to update. See Jeremiah’s list of tools for more explanation and descriptions. *I also include four open source applications reported by John Eckman.

  1. BlueTwit (IBM)
  2. ESME (SAP/Siemens SDN)
  3. *Jisko (AGPL)
  4. Laconica (better known as
  5. OraTweet (Oracle)
  6. Presently
  7. Prologue (WordPress theme by Automattic)
  8. SocialCast
  9. Status
  10. *Sweetter 2.0 (SUGUS)
  11. Trillr
  12. Twitter
  13. *Twoorl
  14. Yammer
  15. *Yonkly
  16. Iron Feed (no link yet)
  17. unannounced (no link yet. see our report, TBD)

I’m aware of roughly 5 other similar, but unannounced, projects. Guessing these 20 are the tip of the iceberg.

Joint Contact looks pretty awesome, has microsharing features and integrates with Twitter. Cool enough that we may try it, but, not really what we consider an internal microsharing tool. What we love most is that it’s using Twitter to send notifications and accept remote updates. This in/out “command line” function is an important function that we predict for enterprise microsharing tools.

IDidWork offers microshared track completion along with evaluation and performance, and it’s short and sexy like microsharing, but a social network it is not, even in the “you and your team task feed” group version.

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