Speaking and more Twitter for Business keynote: Webcom Montreal, November 2008. Whether you need a great keynote, executive briefing, panelist, webinar, live appearance, interview, tutorial, phone consult or retained advisor, I’m here to serve. Learn why Guy Kawasaki, Richard Binhammer (@richardatdell), Penelope Trunk and hundreds of other individuals and businesses credit me with helping them… Continue reading Speaking

CIO Magazine Four Ways Companies Use Microblogging

Chris Lynch was kind enough to interview me for this CIO Magazine article yesterday. I like the framework and examples he put together: (Careful) Product Pushing. Examples: @JetBlue announcing their eBay auctions; @KodakCB tweeting about their product in action. Community Outreach. He nods to @WholeFoods and@PopeyesChicken and urges “think about the communities you serve, online… Continue reading CIO Magazine Four Ways Companies Use Microblogging

Socialtext Signals Announced

Yesterday in rolling out Socialtext 3.0, there was a small (but much echoed) mention of their coming enterprise microsharing application Socialtext Signals. In our Mashable post last week, Signals was the 15th “unannounced” enterprise microsharing service. I got a sneak peek at Signals in July duringBrainstorm Tech and have looked forward to more. This is… Continue reading Socialtext Signals Announced

Pros and Cons of Manipulating Trending Topics as a Source of Traffic

Svetlana Gladkova of Profy.com uncovered an interesting way to help promote a business on Twitter. She discovered that one of the top Trending Topics appearing on Twitter Search (aka Summize) was Career Builder, a US based job board website. She further learned that several Twitter accounts from Career Builder were Tweeting links to each new… Continue reading Pros and Cons of Manipulating Trending Topics as a Source of Traffic

Groundswell: Internal Enterprise Social Media

Hit my review copy of Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff‘s Groundswell today and went straight to (Chapter) 11: The Groundswell Inside Your Company. Through nice storytelling, Li and Bernoff trace three case studies of internal social media rollouts: Best Buy’s Drupal-based Blue Shirt Nation, wikis at Avenue A/Razorfish, Organic and Intel and Bell Canada’s ID-ah… Continue reading Groundswell: Internal Enterprise Social Media

Enterprise Microsharing Reading List

this page is a work in progress… Some Good Overviews: http://jbordeaux.com/breaking-cliques-with-enterprise-micro-blogging/by John Bordeaux Trends to Watch: Twitter in the Enterprise; Will You Twitter Inside the Enterprise? by Jevon MacDonald Learn at All Levels: Enterprise Micro-Learning; Are Employees Twittering Away Productivity? by Marcia Conner for FastCompany Enterprise Microblogging as a Corporate Tool It’s like Twitter, but… Continue reading Enterprise Microsharing Reading List

Best Buy’s “Mix”: Enterprise Microsharing Goes Big

  IBM’s got BlueTwit. Oracle‘s testingOraTweets. SAP‘s experimentsinclude ESME, SAP Talk (laconi.ca),ShoutIt and apparently others.Yammer has an ad-hoc base at thousands of companies. But so far, no large corporation has rolled out microsharing company-wide. Enter Gary Koelling and Steve Bendt, Best Buy‘s Senior Managers for Social Technology, and better known as the guys who built… Continue reading Best Buy’s “Mix”: Enterprise Microsharing Goes Big

Industry guides

Professional Guides Industry-specific guides to Twitter, by profession. Architects Why Architects should Twitter Communicators Getting Started on Twitter: a 5 step guide for professional communicators by Mark Ivey Executives CEO’s Guide to Microblogging Executive Twittering: Blogging Without the Time Suck by Pistachio Health Care Professionals Twitter and Health 2.0 by vizedu.com 140 Health Care uses… Continue reading Industry guides