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Pistachio Consulting published one of the first comprehensive surveys of the enterprise microsharing tools market in fall 2008. This report is available for free on our site. That report was based, in part, on a 15-question survey that we invited the tool providers to complete about their products. We verified the information and, in many cases, conducted follow-up interviews.

Much has happen since it first appeared and so we are developing an update now. For example, many of the enterprise collaboration application providers have integrated microsharing into their feature sets. In addition, many new features have been introduced to better adapt microsharing to the enterprise environment and to take advantage of the possibilities within the contained, secure, and trusted community that an enterprise offers. We have expanded our questions to take these changes into consideration.

Our new survey contains 30 questions to reflect the advances in current offerings. We now invite interested enterprise microsharing vendors to participate in this new research effort. There is a brief explanation of each question. Be sure to refer to these explanations as you complete the survey. We look forward to sharing the results. The survey is now open and will be open for participation until Monday May 3, 2010.

We will again be verifying the input and contacting many of the participating vendors for follow-up conversations. Bill Ives will be instrumental in doing the research. Gina Minks, our intern, will offer additional enterprise perspective and assist in the process. Laura Fitton will provide her unique perspective on the microsharing space, and I’ll work closely on the report writing.

We look forward to producing something valuable to the enterprise 2.0 community and to each of us doggedly determined to learn as much as we can with our colleagues, in the little moments between the rest of our work.

-Marcia Conner


Three Stages of Presenting with Twitter

November 22, 2009

This is a guest post from esteemed presentations and speaking expert Olivia Mitchell. There’s a new story almost every week of a presenter getting roasted on Twitter. The possibility that this might happen to you could be scary. Presenting at conferences is hard enough without the added complication of Twitter. But it’s not all bad. [...]

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Twitter for Trainers

November 8, 2009

The article is reprinted from the August 2009 T+D Think Twitter is just for narcissists with too much time on their hands? Think again. Workplace learning professionals have begun to realize a learning return. If you’re not part of this social networking phenomenon, you risk getting left behind. Stephen Hart, a corporate trainer specializing in [...]

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Part 2: Twitter Lists: Developers and Applications

October 19, 2009

This is Part 2 of a 3-part 4-part series cross-posted from Read Part 1: What Are Twitter Lists? Unfortunately, if you are not part of the Beta roll out, Twitter will not allow you to see the URLs of lists, even if they’ve been tagged as public. For the benefit of everyone, I will [...]

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Part 1: What are Twitter Lists?

October 16, 2009

This is Part 1 of a 3-part series cross-posted from WHAT IS IT? Back on September 30th, Twitter announced on their blog that they would be launching their new Lists feature to a small group of users to beta test. Lists allow Twitter users to organize the people they follow into groups. By segmenting [...]

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oneforty what?

October 1, 2009

When Laura Fitton (@pistachio) told me she was starting another company, “An appstore for Twitter,” I knew my life was going to change. Perhaps that seems too dramatic. Hear me out. What she’d envisioned wasn’t just about to change my life. It was about to change the landscape of Twitter, a tool many of us [...]

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Twitter as the Virtual Watercooler

September 27, 2009

In some companies there remains a socialmedia-phobic culture which spends millions to block access to sites such as Twitter and Facebook. There are many reasons for this mistrust of social media but it also reflects a distrust of employees and their ability to use their time constructively. One fear is there will be a waste [...]

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Twitter from the Showfloor

August 21, 2009

We’ve reported on the growing use of Twitter to connect people at conferences during sessions. Now examples of Twitter use during other parts of conferences and events have begun to surface. One fabulous success story comes from The Chicago Market: Living and Giving, the country’s longest-running gift show,  spanning 5 show floors. This year, the [...]

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Kaizen and Microsharing

August 12, 2009

This is a guest post written by Valeria Maltoni. Thursday at 12:00 pm ET/11:00 am CT/9:00 am PT is the new Twitter chat #kaizenblog. It was inspired by the idea that blogging for me has been a way to practice kaizen, the art of continuous improvement for writing, ideas, and community-building. It can be the [...]

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Socialcast Adds Broadcasting to Enterprise Microsharing

August 4, 2009

Written with Bill Ives, who works with Pistachio Consulting periodically on the enterprise space. Social media tools have begun to migrate from the consumer web to the business web, sometimes facing outward, sometimes focused in. Just as public-facing applications need broad appeal, enterprise tools need to be designed for a defined organizational space to be [...]

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