Meaningful Action in the Cyclone Aftermath

On Twitter, Friday, I admitted: I’ve been shamefully, intentionally, avoiding news about the cyclone in *Burma/Myanmar. It’s much worse than I’d imagined.

THE best idea I heard in 2007 was from Hans Rosling:approach international strife by connecting, one-to-one, with individual people outside our own cultures. Seek to better understand complexities behind the problems.

So I asked: Has anyone been able to find bloggers or other individuals in Myanmar who are getting word out from the ground?

Please subscribe to at least one of the information sources below and share them widely. (Twitter replies, Google and comments on this draft post turned up the following:)

What can be done?
Not much. The junta government is seizing aid supplies and turning back relief workers at the borders. That government is itself extremely wealthy from Natural Gas sales to Thailand.

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