Twitter Makes Us More

Musing. Twitter makes me more: informed, networked, amused, challenged to think, aware, enlightened, distracted, curious, connected, loved… I could probably go on all day. what about you? How would you fill in the blank: “Twitter makes me more ____________.”

you replied:

Matt Shandera @MattShandera Hmm good question: how about visable?

AnnOhio @AnnOhio *willing to spread my wings and try new things* Like meeting and connecting with soem amazing people. :o )

Jim Turner @Genuine exposed

Tom Summit @tsummit Twitter makes me more: human and gregarious

Laura P Thomas @LPT twitter keeps me more informed, connected and up-to-date.

Aneel L @aneel twitter makes me more chatty

Chris Wilson @Aithene Distracted. Cozy. Its like I’m hanging out in a room full of people I mostly like. :)

Ed Illig @Illig That’s quite a list. H’m, “…a better cook.” :) also inspires me to continue learning, appreciate/respect creativity of others.

Stowe Boyd @stoweboyd “Twitter makes me more messy, and messiness is good.”

royblumenthal @royblumenthal Twitter makes me more connecting.

Colin Walker @ColinWalker using your “Twitter makes me more…” tweet in a blog post as an illustration if you don’t mind. (@colinwalker have at it, thanks!)

Starman @istarman connected

jljohansen @jljohansen Twitter makes me feel less alone in my cube

Adele McAlear @adelemcalear Twitter makes me sharper, at the front of the curve, more concise, connected, informed…

Phillip Zannini @phillymac Distracted :D

Tiara Shafiq @divabat “…likely to procrastinate.”

squishythefish @squishythefish …informed

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David Parmet @davidparmet twitter makes me more distracted and socialable.

Eden Spodek @EdenSpodek Twitter makes me feel more connected, informed and among friends who speak the same language 24/7.

Colin Walker @ColinWalker Twitter makes me more inspired to create thoughtful blog posts

Seth Brady @sethbrady Twitter keeps me more informed and closer to some contacts from a previous company than when I worked alongside him!

Liz Laneri @Lizzer Twitter makes me “speak up”

TDefren @TDefren (typo’d last time!) … Twitter makes me more concise & more creative … which feels like a contradiction!

Greg Verdino @gregverdino distracted. :-)

Susanna King @superflippy Twitter makes me distracted, aware, jealous, doodle, comment on blogs.

Rick Mahn @rickmahn Twitter/more… “socially aware”, “adept at learning”, “succinct as a writer”, “productive as a writer”, “patient as a listener”

Josh Hinds @joshhinds ‘twitter makes me more clear and to the point in what I want to communicate’ :-)

Sheila Scarborough @SheilaS Twitter allows me to express all my interests: music, history, travel, sociology, Web 2.0, drag racing, good food….

Dan York @danyork Twitter makes me practice brevity.

Vice-Queen Maria @vicequeenmaria “Twitter has made this reclusive phase of my life all the more bearable.”

chelpixie @chelpixie Twitter makes me accompanied. While working. Thank @matthewebel for that one, though I agree.

Kara Soluri @karasoluri Twitter makes me more like myself. No time to pretend in 140 characters or less. And what would be the point?

Ike Pigott @ikepigott Twitter makes me more creative with abbreviations, concatenations, and space-resource-limiting communications. (My lamentation)

Jay F.H. @jfhscribbles “Twitter makes me more colorful. Without it I’m just a two-toned productive pill. Who wants that?…not me.”

Nina Bargiel @slackmistress Twitter makes more conscious of writing in 140 characters or less!

zenaweist @zenaweist Twitter makes me more thankful for all the tweeple/PEAple I’ve met – wonderful stories, conversations, learnings, sharing

Tracy Lee @StarrGazr Twitter makes me all aquiver!

Rob La Gesse @kr8tr … “disappointed when Twitter doesn’t work”

Scott Monty @ScottMonty So many answers: connected. dizzy. confident I’ve got a future in stand-up comedy.

Kim Fenolio @KimFenolio Twitter makes me more aware of what’s happening in the rest of the world.

Christine Taylor @mousewords Twitter makes me part of a community. Also more aware, informed, entertained, gregarious. Makes me broaden my thinking.

ElisabetMcLauryLewin @podcastmama Twitter makes me more aware of little undercurrents before they become tidal waves :)

Kait Swanson @kaitswanson Twitter makes me more likely to read smart things I wouldn’t find on my own.

Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage Twitter makes me more aware of how different people think, feel and live.

Katie Delahye Paine @kdpaine twitter makes me more open minded

Katie Delahye Paine @kdpaine twitter makes me a better speaker on the subject of social media because it gives me more good stories

George Bolam @tindle Twitter gives me an excuse to laugh at my own jokes..

Katie Delahye Paine @kdpaine twitter makes me aware of all the stuff that goes on outside my little kingdoms of NH and measurement

George Bolam @tindle Twitter makes me begin to like people again…

Amanda Gravel @AmandaGravel Twitter makes me more inspired

Michael Gruen @gruen Twitter makes me more. Period.

Mike Keliher @mjkeliher Twitter makes me more likely to share. Twitter makes me more likely to skip blogging. Twitter makes me smarter.

Robert Collins @RobertCollins “Twitter makes me more ____” understood

Doug Haslam @DougH Twitter makes me more productive. Twitter makes me more social. Twitter makes more smarter.

Adam Cohen @adamcohen aware, omnipotent, connected

Dave Fleet @davefleet connected; inspired; thoughtful

Kim Fenolio @KimFenolio Twitter makes me more connected. Twitter makes me more friends. Twitter makes me more likely to act.

zenaweist @zenaweist twitter makes me more connected – w/ colleagues, friends, SMEs.

AnnOhio @AnnOhio Twitter makes me more *giggly* and helps me through the really tough days that life tosses now and then.

Christopher Penn @cspenn easily followed by the FBI. Hi guys!

Corrie Bergeron @skydaddy “Twitter makes me more ____” smarter!

Timothy J. Finucane @speljamr “Twitter makes me more twittery.”

Timothy J. Finucane @speljamr “Twitter makes me more distracted.”

Kimberly Goza @Activated Twitter makes me more likely to go out and create twitterable moments; involved w/online community; aware.

Andre Blackman @mindofandre definitely more connected and enlightened

Erno Hannink @ernohannink you already mentioned many good ones Twitter makes me more happy, curious, together, informed, up-to-date, lol

maggie fox @maggiefox Twitter makes me feel hyper socialized.

Corrie Bergeron @skydaddy “smarter”

Jen Flanigan @BucketJen Damn, you already got “aware”. That was mine.

Douglas E. Welch @dewelch …aware

Anna Farmery @Engagingbrand mmmm can’t decide between creative or connected

Andrea Mercado @andreamercado Twitter makes me more concise.

tombreeves @tombreeves twitter makes me more exasperating?

David Parmet @davidparmet twitter makes me more distracted and socialable.

francine hardaway @hardaway compassionate.

Shashi Bellamkonda @shashib twitter makes know more people and that gives me more variety in point of views

Connie Crosby @conniecrosby Twitter makes me more “up” on current events!

Lucy Gray @elemenous Twitter makes more aware of others’ work in my field, educational technology.

Tom Guarriello @tomguarriello Twitter makes me more nosy!

Ben Huyck @jebelmuus Twitter makes me more likely to voice the random thoughts in my head.

Jennifer Gniadecki @jennydecki have “connected” and “accountable” “harassed” and “loved” already been taken?

Karen Sugarpants @trollbaby Twitter makes me constipated.

janapochop @janapochop Twitter makes me more aware that my craziness is not unique and i like it that way :)

stshores24 @stshores24 Twitter makes me more _talkative_.

bruinmike @bruinmike Twitter makes me more aware of how the simplest things in life are worth writing about.

Scott Schablow @sschablow Twitter makes me more astute, aware and attentive.

EdenSpodek @EdenSpodek Twitter makes me feel more connected, informed and among friends who speak the
same language 24/7.

gingerlewman @GingerTPLC…makes me more able to find engaging tools and thoughtful collaboration opportunities for my students and me.

Suvi-Tuuli M-A @tuuli1 Twitter makes me more hyperactive.

AnnOhio @AnnOhio Twitter makes me more appreciative of the world around me through the eyes of people from all over the world…

Ben Huyck @jebelmuus twitter is either really *good* for my ADD, or really *bad*. I’m going with good.

Dan Mosqueda @mosqueda Twitter makes me more empathetic, considerate, interested in stuff I didn’t think I’d really care about.

royblumenthal @royblumenthal Twitter makes me more creative; I flow when I’m using it.

Karen Sugarpants @trollbaby Twitter makes me more insane with love for my friends with each passing day.

Kevin Dugan @prblog Twitter makes me smarter, faster.” But that’s not saying a lot on some days ;-)

royblumenthal @royblumenthal Twitter makes me wanna read more Twitter every day.

royblumenthal @royblumenthal Twitter makes me wake up with my mobile phone in my hand, pressing ‘reload’ so I don’t miss anything.

Vice-Queen Maria @vicequeenmaria is it safe to say Twitter brings out the best in people?

Elizabeth Albrycht @ealbrycht “Twitter makes me feel more connected to the world.” Esp. as an expat in France who works from home most of the time.

ChazFrench @ChazFrench crossing various body parts for you.

Debra @debroby is this a “why do you love twitter” question? Twitter is all my office friends, plus my coffee shop friends rolled together.

Suki Fuller @Suki_MHC05 Twitter makes me more appreciative of words”

Todd Jordan @Tojosan Twitter brings us together

Todd Jordan @Tojosan twitter enables connections

annie boccio @banannie7 got room for 1 more? Twitter has showm me how similar we are, despite our differences. None of us are alone when we have twitter!

Monty @akaMonty twitter doesn’t make us ALL better. It makes some people more cliquish, it makes some people feel ignored.

Stephan @sdohrn Twitter makes me more OPEN about 10 hours ago from twhirl in reply to Pistachio Icon_star_empty

Andrea Vascellari @vascellari I’m still thinking about what Twitter makes me more…

Andrea Vascellari @vascellari heh…for sure makes me think more! this stream of thoughts, ideas, opinions from all over the globe is simply great

jljohansen @jljohansen Another. Twitter makes me more assertive because “I think” takes 7 characters I can rarely spare.

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