Enterprise Microsharing Reading List

this page is a work in progress… Some Good Overviews: http://jbordeaux.com/breaking-cliques-with-enterprise-micro-blogging/by John Bordeaux Trends to Watch: Twitter in the Enterprise; Will You Twitter Inside the Enterprise? by Jevon MacDonald Learn at All Levels: Enterprise Micro-Learning; Are Employees Twittering Away Productivity? by Marcia Conner for FastCompany Enterprise Microblogging as a Corporate Tool It’s like Twitter, but… Continue reading Enterprise Microsharing Reading List

Musicians’ Guide to Rocking Twitter

Publicist extraordinaire Ariel Hyatt (CyberPR) and I sat down last fall to talk Twitter for Musicians. I distilled  what I said in that interview into this quick-start guide for musicians wanting to make a splash using Twitter. Also see Ariel’s excellentMusician’s Twitter Road Map, here. UPDATE: I mis-linked to the database of musicians on Twitter… Continue reading Musicians’ Guide to Rocking Twitter

Executive Twittering: Blogging Without the Time Suck

UPDATE: Best Buy CMO Barry Judge explains Twitter to Chairman Richard Schulze… BusinessWeek profiled 10 CEOs who Twitter. CIO considers it one of the four best things companies can do on Twitter. Executives can generate substantial business value by posting their thoughts, resources, news and their ideas to microsharing tools like Twitter. ROI vs. Blogging… Continue reading Executive Twittering: Blogging Without the Time Suck

While I Talked, People Twittered

Have you ever had an audience comment loudly on what you were speaking about while you were actually speaking? I did this week, and I found the experience to be weird, invigorating and a little bit scary. The scene was the New Marketing Boot Camp, a seminar I conducted with Chris Brogan and CrossTech Media. The group… Continue reading While I Talked, People Twittered

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Best Buy’s “Mix”: Enterprise Microsharing Goes Big

  IBM’s got BlueTwit. Oracle‘s testingOraTweets. SAP‘s experimentsinclude ESME, SAP Talk (laconi.ca),ShoutIt and apparently others.Yammer has an ad-hoc base at thousands of companies. But so far, no large corporation has rolled out microsharing company-wide. Enter Gary Koelling and Steve Bendt, Best Buy‘s Senior Managers for Social Technology, and better known as the guys who built… Continue reading Best Buy’s “Mix”: Enterprise Microsharing Goes Big


What is Microsharing? Let’s start with the best-known microsharing application, Twitter. Twitter is a collection of remarks. It’s what a group of people–a very dynamic group of people who are connected and becoming more closely connected everyday–find remarkable. The connections between people, the ambient intimacy. Microsharing reduces the emotional and intellectual distance between people and… Continue reading Microsharing

Top 10 NSFW Twitter Abbreviations

My first post for Touchbase, Top 15 Twitter Acronyms, enjoyed many kindRTs on Twitter and earned terrific comments.@stevegarfield,@melissapierce,@gregverdino and@jeffcutlerbrainstormed a new one for sending a your own tweet again: RERUN or abbreviated, RR. @LEMills was even kind enough to correct my grammar: those were mostly abbreviations, not acronyms. (There’s a mix of both below.) The… Continue reading Top 10 NSFW Twitter Abbreviations

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“Twitter Means Business”: Minnesota case studies, and more

This is a guest post by Julio Ojeda-Zapata, author of the just-released book, “Twitter Means Business: How Microblogging Can Help or Hurt Your Company.” Ojeda-Zapata is a Twitter veteran who also has harnessed the service in his print-journalism work, while writing about the twitterverse and related subjects at length. “To twit or not?” That was… Continue reading “Twitter Means Business”: Minnesota case studies, and more

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